Pure ice is a company dedicated to making cosmetics of various kinds and their nail polishes are sure taking the world by storm with every girl and woman owning at least a couple or more shades of these awesome nail polishes that are so very different than the regular run of the mill types.

About the brand Pure ice

Pure ice brand was founded quite some ago during 1986 by a team who is dedicated to the world of beauty and colour. This team of experts worked in partnership with Sam Walton who dreamed of providing a high quality beautiful nail colour brand for his die hard customers.

Pure Ice surely is for the girls whose passion for beauty and colour is undying and boundless always in search of something new and mesmerizing. Pure ice is the final destination for those who are inspired by hot and on trend looks with expertly brought out colours and an expertly edited collection of the best nail polish colours ever.

Pure Ice Nail Polish

Pure ice nail polishes are made in the USA and boasts of a quality product that can be expected only from the most prestigious nail brands ever. Pure ice nail polishes are unique in that they contain no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

You will truly be awestruck by the shade library of this brand that has an extensive array of nail polish colours that are specialized with trendy effects. They have shades that range from the very high pigment creams to shimmering beautiful iridescent pearls to multidimensional single coat glitters.

It is the shoppers who have a real field day playing with colours; you surely must enjoy this play of colours vibrant, shimmering and shining.

About the speciality of Pure ice nail polish

Pure ice nail polish is like pure magic; your nails glow in the dark so mesmerizingly that people just can’t help but notice.

They are available in a wide array of hues and shades that are truly unbelievable; you have the regular nail polish colours like the reds, pinks, maroons, and of course those out of the world colours in various amazing shades of green, blue, beige, gold, white, black, and the most sensational part is most of them have glitters inside them and when this nail polish is put on your nails and you walk into a dark or a dimly lit room they shimmer and glow like pretty little glow worms drawing everyone’s attention to your nails!

These Pure ice nail polishes work great during Halloween parties when everyone dresses in unique ways and having nails that glow in the dark is truly captivating!

Young girls love to sport Pure ice nails during their prom nights and other college parties to look pretty and adorable. It has grown into a truly trendy culture among the young girls mainly to paint their well manicured nails with Pure Ice Nail Polish.

So, when are you going shopping to start your collection of tantalizingly beautiful Pure ice nail polishes in different colours to match your outfit and your mood?

Pure ice nail polish as top/base coat

Pure ice nail polishes work great as a top coat for your nails and some work even as a base coat. Used as a top coat this layer of polish helps to retain your nail polish for much longer keeping the nails looking freshly manicured for greater period of time and also helps to keep the nails strong adding strength to them.

They work pretty well as a topcoat since it dries quickly though it is a slightly thicker formula. This polish also levels beautifully and smoothens everything over. Many a shoddy manicure gets camouflaged under this topcoat, bubbles and all! Smudged up nails, badly painted nails, unevenly painted nails, dented and bubbled up nails look really very unsightly and just imagine going again for a complete manicure! All your time, money and effort are wasted; instead apply carefully a Pure ice nail polish as topcoat and just see the difference; all the flaws swept under the rug, or should I say under the Pure ice topcoat nail polish! Just for a small dent I am sure you would not wish to opt for a total manicure again!

Used as a topcoat, Pure Ice Nail Polish has the capacity to transform your nails to make them appear super smooth, shiny and perfect.

For full coverage of nails generally one coat is sufficient but if you wish for a texture like that of a glitter polish to attain a shiny gel look you will do well to use two coats.

The shine lasts for several days and when it begins to lose it all you have to do is apply another topcoat, easy does it!

Topcoats too come in different shades and depending on the original coat of paint one can select the shade that goes well and better suited.

Manicures last for almost a week with minimal tip wear with no ugly chipping and pedicures last for an amazingly long period of about 3 weeks and even at time it is due to the growing nails that it has to be removed and done up again.

The product starts to thicken around the time half of the bottle is used up and when you consider the price that you paid for it you don’t feel bad at all; it is priced really very reasonably and you can surely afford to get a couple of them at least two to three times in a year.

Applied over glitter polish Pure ice topcoat nail polish adds an extra shine and sparkle for that super zing shiny gel look.

I am sure you would love the square Pure ice nail polish bottle that keeps the bottle from tipping over; this is so much less hassle when you are painting your nails. And the brush that comes free with the polish is neither too big nor too small; it is just right and very easy to wield.

There are a lot of customers who have used it and are greatly satisfied and would gladly recommend all of the Pure ice nail polishes for normal use and also as great topcoats.

Priced friendly with a tested performance Pure ice nail polishes have sure become highly popular and are here to stay!